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Laravel Development Services

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Why Use Laravel

For Application Development?

Strong Industry Presence

Laravel is currently one of the best and the most popular php frameworks in the market. It is one of the most starred php projects on GitHub and is supported by a wide community of hundreds of thousands of developers.

Excellent Documentation

Laravel has one of the best documentations amongst all php frameworks and also has a dedicated section for video tutorials called Laracasts, which helps developers learn how to use Laravel and its various components.

Object Oriented Libraries

One of the top reasons why developers live Laravel is that it provides many Object Oriented Libraries out-of-the-box. This allows developers to use pre written codes and class libraries for developing applications faster.

Better Performance

Laravel supports different caching systems like Memcached and Redis natively thus improving the performance of the applications built with it. You can also configure multiple caching systems in Laravel.

Better Security

Laravel is a highly secure framework and provides protection against the most serious security risks like SQl injection and cross site request forgery. It also has strong user authentication and better password protection.

MVC Support

Like Symfony, Laravel also supports MVC architecture which improves application logic and presentation. Since data and business logic are separated from user interface you can have multiple views with a MVC structure.

Laravel Development Services
We Provide

Laravel Application Development

Just present us with your business idea. Thereafter, our technical team will acquaint you with the process they follow and present you with web applications that surpass your expectations.

  • Custom Application UI Design
  • Custom Application Development
  • Application Security and Maintenance

Laravel REST API

We can make you web application interact and integrate better with other business applications and systems using REST API.

  • Application API Design
  • Application API Development
  • REST API Integration

Laravel Multilingual

Need a multilingual website or web application? We create multilingual web applications easily by making the most out of Laravel framework. Here’s what we provide:

  • Multilingual Website Development
  • Multilingual Web Application Development
  • Single to Multi Lingual Migration

Laravel CMS development

If you want to go beyond what other CMS frameworks provide, we can develop a custom CMS application for you with advanced dashboard.

  • CMS Application Design Services
  • CMS Application Development Services
  • CMS Security & Maintenance Services

Laravel Integration

We can integrate your Laravel application with other systems like CRM, ERP, Accounting etc as per your requirement.

  • Laravel Sugar/Suite/Dynamics CRM Integration
  • Laravel Odoo ERP Integration
  • Laravel QuickBooks Integration

Laravel Package Development

Laravel packages are add-ons for your Laravel project. We also develop custom made Laravel packages to be used for multiple projects.

  • Laravel Package Development
  • Laravel Package Integration
  • Laravel Package Maintenance

Laravel Ecommerce Development


We create your own custom developed ecommerce store with integrated shopping cart application and multiple payment gateways. Have a happy selling experience!

  • Ecommerce Store Design Services
  • Ecommerce Store Development Services
  • Ecommerce Store Security & Maintenance Services

Laravel Support & Maintenance

You can completely rely on us for reliable and dedicated support, security and maintenance services for your website and web applications built with Laravel.

  • Laravel Dedicated Support
  • Laravel Application Maintenance
  • Laravel Application Security

Why Choose Biztech For

Laravel Development Services?

Technology Expertise

Leverage out of the expertise of our Laravel developers. Our team of developers are experienced in creating beautiful web applications and websites.

Solutions That Befit Your Needs

Our solutions are fully tailormade to fulfill your unique project requirements, vision and deadline. If you have a unique requirement, we have the solution!

Competitive Pricing

Our Laravel Development Solutions are tailored to suit every budget. Which means, no compromise on the quality of services and turnaround times.

24/7 Support

Our partners vouch on our quality of support. Buzz us, write to us or call us; and we assure that we will provide you with immediate solutions.

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