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Pay Per Click Management Services

Search Advertising
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Google AdWords Certified

PPC Management Company

It depends on the business goal whether PPC is the right fit for your business or not. Our effort begins from this point itself. We provide 360-degree assistance in identifying the need for the Paid Campaigns, then which campaigns are ideal for your business, and provide estimated marketing spend for the Paid Search Campaigns.


The next step is deciding the “when” for integration of the campaigns. We have expert copy-writers and ad-campaign managers. They effectively manage your campaigns to ensure optimum performance for the money spent. “If it is not 400% ROI, it is not worth it”, is the benchmark of our services. We are an ideal PPC Management Company for businesses that need consulting solutions and teams that work on conversion improvement.

Services We Offer

Search Advertising (Text)

Our approach is simple. Benchmark, suggest budget, set up the campaigns, create Ad copies, analyze and optimize. The reason we are ideal to manage your Search Ads is we are excellent at data analysis. For Search Ads, your PPC Management company needs to understand the configuration of the AdWords based on the data trails your user leaves.

Mobile Advertising

With Mobile First and increasing mobile traffic, Search Ads and Shopping Ads must be optimized for mobile platforms. Device bid adjustments, landing page design, and optimization for negative keywords play a key role to get output at optimum cost for the businesses. Get in touch with us and find out how we can help you grow your business with mobile advertising.

Social Media Advertising

Social media has a vast reach in today's society. You can leverage this to advertise your product or services in their online comfort zone. We help you run successful ad campaigns on social media by optimizing the different parameters to zero down on prospects.

Shopping Ads (PLA)

For a Product company into retail sales, there is no better domain to get business from than Shopping Ads. If your business has been running at lesser revenue and you haven’t ventured into Shopping Ads, that is very well the reason for lower sales. Your competitors are doing it and so should you. It’s a game of bid management that we know well.

Remarketing Campaigns

The great thing about shopping ads is that many times, they lead to impulsive buying. It is one of the best ways to market a product but is complex to set up. Our experts make it possible for you to place these ads and reap the benefits.

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